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My name is Mandy Miller


I make custom decorated sugar cookies for people in the Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas. Through this, my mission is to bring awareness about the justice-impacted community and contribute to re-entry/recovery services.

Please continue reading below about the full story of my cookie business and my passion to help others.  

My Story

It is my profound belief that getting to really know people, hearing their stories and seeing the faces behind any glaring labels they carry, is transformative. It takes us out of our preconceived notions, biases, and privileges and, most often, moves us to act out of compassion.

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    This is where my personal journey began, back in 2018, when I first stepped outside of my perfectionist and goody two shoes and walked alongside several people after their incarceration. As I learned their stories, saw their lives changed, and fell in love with their hearts, I truly began to understand redemption that comes from brokenness. I decided I wanted to be a part of helping the justice-impacted community, loving people through the most broken times of their lives. I began working at a local violence intervention program, serving people who were convicted of violent crimes. I worked with them to correct their abusive behaviors and engage in healthy thinking and relationships. It was through this work that I also learned of the many barriers that face this community as they try to adjust their lives, especially in regards to the need for recovery programs as well as housing and employment opportunities. Then, in January 2022, I experienced the very real need for justice reform, legislative changes, and a change in the way we handle mass incarceration as my world was unexpectedly turned upside-down.


    It was just one week prior to that upheaval that I had made my first (very messy) batch of cookies after deciding I wanted to learn a new creative hobby. Those who know me well were likely surprised I even considered a venture that required an oven. In fact, I had to move all of my craft supplies out of my kitchen cupboards and purchase everything I needed, down to the spatulas and measuring spoons! When I faced some devastating news a few days later, I decided to push into cookie-making even harder, using it as a creative outlet in which to channel all of my pent-up energy. Cookie decorating allowed me to focus on something productive while also being a part of something that brought joy. With immediate interest from my friends and family to order these custom cookies, I concluded that if I was going to add a 2nd job to my already busy schedule, it must serve a greater purpose.

    At the intersection of these 2 places where my new pursuits met my growing passions, “Cookies with Conviction” originated. Through this business, I want to share stories of redemption and make visible these often unseen issues, and I want to directly give back to the community by contributing a portion of cookie sales to programs right here in Lane County to assist in recovery and re-entry. It’s my hope that these cookies not only celebrate milestones like weddings, babies, birthdays, and holidays, but also help celebrate sobriety, freedom, and new lives.

This is how we’re BAKING A DIFFERENCE!

You don’t change the world with the ideas in your mind,

but with the conviction in your heart.”- Bryan Stevenson

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